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custom Chevrolet corvette
Gmc pick up truck

The Process

Helping You:


Finished Product:


At our shop, we take pride in helping our customers select the perfect suspension for their vehicle. Our knowledgeable team understands that each customer has unique preferences and driving needs, and we're here to provide personalized guidance.

From assessing the specific requirements of your vehicle to selecting the right suspension components, our professionals pay attention to every detail. They work meticulously to ensure a seamless installation, carefully fitting and adjusting each component to achieve optimal performance and functionality.

Your car suspension is in the hands of our experienced professionals, ensuring a seamless installation that maximizes both comfort and performance.


Lift Kit

Lift kits provide more clearance between the undercarriage and the ground. This allows for the installation of larger tires. The additional space provided by the lift kit also prevents tire rubbing and allows for improved traction and stability, especially in off-road conditions.

Leveling Kit

A leveling kit helps eliminate the nose-down appearance and gives the vehicle a more balanced and aggressive stance. By raising the front end, a leveling kit creates additional clearance, allowing for the installation of larger tires.


Lowering Kit

Lowering a vehicle can create a sleek and aggressive appearance, giving it a more sporty and customized look. The reduced ride height enhances the vehicle's stance and can improve its visual appeal. This can result in better handling and increased responsiveness, especially at higher speeds.

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