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Elite Customs is the leading industry expert in the greater Nashville, Tennessee Area. Known for old school customer service, and the latest, top quality products, owner Rich McClellan is hands on in the shop and with his clients. With more than two decades of working knowledge, his highest goal is to create a place that meets all the customers expectations and more. He gains lifetime customers and produces an environment to keep the skills and quality of his team growing and at the forefront in this industry. Rich and his team continue to strive in growth and quality in all areas of this company.

From the NFL to the NHL to CEOs or your average Joe, Elite treats every customer like their most important customer.

Meet elite


Rich McClellan-Owner/operator

Rich found his love for cars in his teens taking apart car electronics. His fascination for learning trade techniques eventually led to fabrication for interior and exterior. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he began to see potential others were missing and opened his first shop with a partner in 2013. After 2 years, the partnership dissolved and Rich began his solo venture, Elite Customs. For Rich, Elite is about more than cars. It's a space to make visions into reality. A trusted place customers can always count on for quality (or the shirt off his back if needed) and a family.


Mike-Master Installer

Mike worked on his first car in 1972 & began his career in Detroit doing custom car painting for close to 10 years. When Detroit began to turn the lights out, he moved to Chattanooga and continued to do custom paint jobs. In 1986 he partnered with a friend & came to Nashville to open their own shop, eventually going into semiretirement. The Elite crew made a connection with Mike while he was trying to keep himself busy & felt his mad genius made a great asset to the team. 

I have trusted Elite Customs with all my car customization projects over the last several years. Regardless of what you drive or how you want to modify it, Rich can help and he’ll make sure it’s right. I have always appreciated his vision and craftsmanship, not to mention the quality of work you will always get from Elite.

—  Vaden Landers

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